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Marina's 100 question Q&A

Q: What’s your name?
A: Horiuchi Marina
Q: What’s your birthday and how old are you?
A: April 29, I’m 22 now.
Q: Where are you from?
A: Tokyo
Q: Who’s in your family household?
A: Mom, Dad and me. Only the 3 of us.
Q: Blood type?
A: B(Dad), B(Mom), B(??) and B!!
Q: Height?
A: 154 cm
Q: Occupation?
A: I’m working as a voice actress/artist, but I’m also studying music at university. If things go well, I’ll be able to graduate- Hm… I’m planning to graduate next year.
Q: Please talk about your work up until now.
A: Let’s see… I took part in an audition in elementary 3rd grade… After that… In 4th grade? 5th grade? We formed Minipati, a group about food education, and then I was part of Sakura Gakuin until Jr High 3rd grade. In High School- Oh right I was also in a musical in 5th grade. Anyway, in my freshman year in high school I got to be in a play and an anime. And now we’re here.
Q: What are your hobbies?
A: I like drawing, and trying different kind of cheese naans.
Q: Special skills?
A: Short distance sprinting.
Q: Nicknames?
A: Marippe or Horiuchi.
Q: Charm points?
A: Maybe my hair, like, this part of my bangs [touches side of bangs] has always been wavy/curly.
Q: Speaking habit?
A: I say ‘majissuka’ [“For real?”].
Q: How would you describe your personality in one phrase?
A: In one phrase? hm… Crazy.
Q: What are your positive traits?
A: Positive? (haha) I’m full of curiosity?
Q: Negative traits?
A: My thoughts immediately show on my face.
Q: How would you describe your younger self in one phrase?
A: My younger self? I guess I was always trying to show off, I was really flashy. FlashyMari
Q: What’s a surprising side of you?
A: Surprising? Ah! I’m obsessed with taking notes! I always write down what I was dreaming of when I wake up in the morning.
Q: What sports are you good at?
A: Relay!
Q: Favorite vegetables?
A: I love baby corn.
Q: Favorite snacks/candy?
A: Ume flavored konbu.
Q: Favorite fruit?
A: Shine muscat!
Q: Favorite drink?
A: Ginger Ale!
Q: Favorite miso soup ingredient?
A: Nameko mushrooms
Q: Favorite bento ingredient?
A: Hm, let’s see… Pickles. I guess just pickled vegetables? (haha)
Q: Favorite onigiri ingredient?
A: Pollock mayo!
Q: Favorite ramen?
A: Shio Ramen, I guess?
Q: Favorite curry?
A: Butter chicken Indian curry.
Q: Favorite seasoning?
A: Yuzu kosho [grated yuzu peel with chili]
Q: Favorite dressing?
A: Balsamic vinegar
Q: Favorite time of day?
A: 7:30AM
Q: Favorite clothing?
A: Lately I’ve been into sporty stuff with lines on the side.
Q: Favorite movie?
A: Titanic
Q: Favorite scenery?
A: The ocean!
Q: Favorite vehicle/ride?
A: Monorails!
Q: Favorite animal?
A: Favorite animal… it’s probably squirrels
Q: Favorite color?
A: Rainbow
Q: Favorite shape?
A: Shape? Rectangle.
Q: Favorite saying?
A: I like “Funkotsusaishin” (粉骨砕身) [=doing one’s very best, literally something like “exerting oneself so much that their bones turn to dust”]
Q: Favorite place?
A: An island! I love islands.
Q: Favorite number?
A: 5
Q: Favorite school subject?
A: Science.
Q: Favorite season?
A: Spring and Summer.
Q: Favorite flower?
A: Marigold
Q: Favorite alcoholic drink?
A: Shandygaff!
Q: Favorite book or manga?
A: I always really loved Animal Yokocho
Q: Favorite anime?
A: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Q: Voice actors you see as a role model?
A: Mizuki Nana-san and Sakamoto Maaya-san
Q: Actresses you see as a role model?
A: Hm… Ueno Juri-san I think.
Q: Favorite Youtuber?
A: Fuwa-chan! [unrelated side-note, Fuwa-chan is in the best music video ever created]
Q: Favorite artist/performer?
A: Unison Square Garden
Q: What song would you listen to when you’ve fallen in love?
A: Glay’s Soul Love!
Q: What kind of men do you like?
A: Someone who can tease/banter with me.
Q: What’s your fetish/what are you super weirdly into? [I don’t know how translate this, but フェチ/fechi while literally meaning “Fetish” it can be used in a non-sexual way in Japanese from what I’ve seen. For example ASMR is called “oto-fechi”, “Sound-fetish”]
A: Um... Bangs?
Q: How would you approach someone you’ve fallen in love with?
A: Hm, I guess I’d try putting their clothes in order? Like hey I noticed your cuffs were messy.
Q: Where would you go on a date?
A: An aquarium?
Q: What act would make you fall in love with someone?
A: Hm… Something like our knees touching?
Q: What’s your motto?
A: From HIDE from X-Japan “Do everything/what you set your mind to as if it’s your last day, even if you won’t die tomorrow”
Q: What did you want to be when you were small?
A: Policewoman!
Q: What are you studying currently?
A: Well, I’m trying my best at English.
Q: What country do you want to go to?
A: France!
Q: What would you want to do on a day off?
A: I’d want to be in the ocean all day. I’ll jump in.
Q: What do you do first thing in the morning?
A: I write down what I was dreaming about.
Q: What do you do right before going to sleep?
A: I look through all the pictures I took that day.
Q: What emoji do you use a lot?
A: The baby chick.
Q: Do you answer your LINE messages quickly?
A: I guess I answer at a standard pace?
Q: How do you deal with stress?
A: I have a drink with my friends, or listen to music loudly.
Q: What do you end up spending your money on a lot?
A: Um… Well… Monorail fares are surprisingly expensive
Q: What do you want the most currently?
A: Shine muscat!
Q: What do you always have on you?
A: I always have a portrait a friend drew in my bag.
Q: What hairstyle would you want to try?
A: Fuwa-chan’s twintails [or I guess double buns? She calls them twintails for some reason lol]
Q: Your ideal image of a woman?
A: Someone who’s comfortable in their skin, someone who’s very open [or more like, not afraid of being caught off-guard]
Q: What’s something you absolutely can’t stand?
A: I really don’t like bugs.
Q: What kind of fortune-telling do you believe in?
A: Well that thing that tells your fortune from your blood type and your date of birth has been pretty accurate for me so far.
Q: Are you an indoors or outdoors person?
A: Outdoors.
Q: Favorite type of event?
A: Marine day
Q: How’s your eyesight?
A: I wear glasses at home, so pretty bad.
Q: Are you the one to tease others or the other way around?
A: I get teased a lot.
Q: What are you really particular about?
A: I always use my phone case until it breaks.I don’t buy a new one unil then.
Q: Have you had a pet before?
A: Yes! I had a crayfish.
Q: What animal would you say you’re like?
A: An echidna.
Q: What do you do when hanging out with friends?
A: We just walk around aimlessly while clinging to each other.
Q: What clubs were you in?
A: The shadow tea ceremony club. [ok, she says “Hidden” tea ceremony club, which I guess means it wasn’t officially recognized by the school, but shadow sounds cooler]
Q: How do you kill time?
A: I play games on my phone and stuff.
Q: What food do you hate?
A: Green peas and bell peppers.
Q: What would you do if you could use magic?
A: I’d make every kind of transportation into monorails. Even walking.
Q: What would you want to be reborn as?
A: I guess I’d want to be a monorail.
Q: What era would you travel to if you had a time machine?
A: To the time when Perry sailed to Japan.
Q: Why?
A: Ever since we learned about it in middle school, I just kinda always had Perry in the back of my mind. He was always arriving in Japan in my mind? Maybe because it had to do with the ocean? I think he was really cool. I would want to see how he arrived on the ships once with my own eyes. I had that on my mind since middle school.
Q: What would you do if you won the lottery?
A: I would buy a private jet.
Q: What would you do if the world ended tomorrow?
A: I’d do a parade with everyone.
Q: What one thing would you bring to a deserted island?
A: Infinite cheese naan.
Q: What’s your special/best song at a karaoke?
A: Seikan hikou [From Macross Frontier, by Nakashima Megumi]
Q: What instruments can you play?
A: Piano and guitar.
Q: How did you feel when your debut got decided?
A: I thought I was dreaming!
Q: What did you enjoy the most while writing a song?
A: When I could feel the melody fitting the lyrics perfectly while humming it, I felt so happy.
Q: What did you have the most difficulty with while writing a song?
A: When I had a hard time properly expressing something I wanted to.
Q: What do you want to challenge a year from now?
A: I want to go meet the fans abroad.
Q: What do you want to challenge 10 years from now?
A: I want to have a concert at Tokyo Dome!
Q: Message to the people who watched till the end?
A: Thank you for watching! There were many questions I couldn’t answer before so I hope you had fun while learning about me a little bit.
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Organ Trail 2: Chapter 2, "A Short-lived Morale Boost."

Organ Trail 2: Chapter 2,
Chapter 1
As our heroes leave Pittsburgh, they're immediately met by a large, relatively calm horde of zombies. Hoping they can make it through, they try and make the car as silent as possible, before trying to gently sneak through. However, the zombies are alert enough to notice them, and they're forced to put the pedal to the metal to keep from being overrun. They lose some of the supplies on top of the car in the process.
Immediately after that harrowing experience, the party starts poking fun at Meesa (the current driver), saying that with the addition of what they'd just lost, Meesa had probably lost them more total supplies than the actual zombies themselves. Meesa laughs along with them, and the party continues on in high spirits.
If you think that's going to last for long, then I'm afraid you've forgotten what game this is.
As the party stops for a stretch break, Chicken hears a quiet rustling behind the car and goes to investigate. Behind the car, he finds that a small child has cracked open the trunk ever so slightly, and is pilfering food. The child notices Chicken, and there's a split second of calm before the child sprints off.
On instinct, Chicken runs after him. Chicken's long legs allow him to catch up quickly, and any hope of the child's escape is shattered when he trips and face-plants into the dirt. The kid tries to get to his feet but falls over himself again in fear. Realizing what he must look like, Chicken slows down a bit and offers a hand to the kid. Seeing this, the kid calms down a bit and accepts his help. Without another word, the kid reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small wooden toy fish, which he thrusts into Chicken's hands before running off.
Chicken looks down at the fish in his hand, before placing it in a secure pouch in his bag. He heads back towards the car, and the party continues on their way.
Eventually, they stop again for a bathroom break, with Oto proceeding out into the woods. He comes back with several large scratches on his face and bite marks near his throat. He didn't get ambushed by zombies, only some wild dogs. Luckily, he stashed some extra medical supplies away in his belongings, so he's able to last through the final leg of the journey.
With some new urgency, the party puts the pedal to the metal, running over a zombie in the process, which leaves a ding in the hood. Shortly after, the city of Indianapolis appears on the horizon.
The map so far
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martyrology embarrassments

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[Discussion]The US Navy's Littoral Combat ship program: Worth continued investment? Or complete replacement?

Submission Statement: In the late 1990s, the USN sought to procure a replacement vessel for it's Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates and Avenger class mine hunters. These vessels were to be designed for operations close to shore in the littoral environments (hence the name) and to deal with the threats present therein. These types of regions include: The Persian Gulf, The Gulf of Aden, The Sunda Strait, The Gulf of Mexico, and the South China Sea. However, recent DoD testing has shown that the LCS is incapable of dealing with expected threats in these environments:
LCS Mission Overview: Given these operating environments, the LCS was expected to perform three critical missions:
In short, the LCS was designed to replace the role of the OHP class frigates as they were being used at the end of their service lives: a fast armed vessel which can do patrol and presence duties without committing a more expensive Destroyer, Cruiser, or Carrier asset.
Program deviations: It should be noted that since the LCS was designed and fielded, there were a number of unexpected issues that have delayed capability improvements, including:
That being said, I'd like to overview the Case For / Case Against:
Case For:
Case Against:
Splitting the Difference:
An important aspect of this discussion is also the DoD's recent decision to cap LCS production at 20 units, while moving over to production of a "Small Surface Combatant" based on the LCS but with the following changes:
In my opinion, the LCS is a "salvageable" failure. The program depended too much on concurrency (for example the development of NLOS-M/Netfires) and the Navy's inability to select one design meant that in-class improvements were diluted over the two classes. The LCS also lacked significant firepower for its mission, even given what was known about its primary operating environment: the Persian Gulf.
However, should procurement of the Small Surface Combatant pan out (given the current Pacific Pivot, it probably will), then the LCS will settle nicely as a replacement for the Avenger-Class mine countermeasure vessels, as well as filling a USN maritime presence in low-threat environments like the Gulf of Aden or the Gulf of Mexico where the presence of Anti-ship missiles is minimal.
Thoughts? Thanks!


I'd like to thank Eskali160 for having a spirited discussion with me on this topic. Thanks to him, I'd like to change my opinion a bit to admit that I may have been a little harsh in my criticism of the LCS.
  1. I would like to admit that the USN is working hard to bring the advertised capabilities to the LCS platform
  2. Despite delays in it's core mission, the USN (rightfully) went ahead with a shipbuilding program as is to get as many hulls in the water as possible. (thanks studdbeefpile )
  3. The USN if it wishes can rapidly integrate the Naval Strike Missile if need be and appears to be doing so, though I believe its overly optimistic to think it will be available in the next FY.
  4. Hellfire integration should be an excellent capability addition giving the LCS improved lethality versus small boats
In conclusion, the LCS still has room to grow. Maybe I should give the program a chance.
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[NEWS]Development of new Fast Offshore Patrol Ship

Felipe VI Class Corvette
displacement: 2,800 Tons
Length: 320 ft
Beam: 50 ft
Draft: 15 ft
Propulsion: 1x Rolls-Royce MT30
Speed: 34 knots
Sprint Speed: 40 knots
integrated Bridge/superstructure and flat surface angles for reduced radar signatures
Complement: 30 crew and 60 forces
Sensors and processing systems: Type 997 Artisan 3D
Armament: 1x OTO Melara 76_mm, 4 x 20 mm automatic mountings, 4 × 12.7 mm machine guns, 1x Otobreda 127/54 Compact
Aircraft carried: 1x NH90 or similar helicopter
Years to develop: 3 years
Years to build each model: 1.5
Cost Per Ship: 300 million for first, 250 million for next ships
Cost for development: 5 billion(3.5 from Spain/Navantia, 1.5 from Flightdeck)
Both FlightDeck and Navantia will have full production rights.
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[SECRET] Libya-Italy Bilateral Naval Upgrade & Expansion

The navies of both Italy and Libya have been largely neglected over the past decade, while both have made some efforts to modernize, nothing substantial except for two minor classes of ships on the Libyan side have come of the program. With Italian and Libyan cooperation steadily increasing, we believe that joint Naval R&D would be a good course of action. While Libya may not have use for some of the ships developed currently, we may need them in the future. A new cruiser, fleet auxiliary, and amphibious assault ship will be developed over the next three and four years.
The Fleet Auxiliary/Landing Ship Tank will be designed to move cargo and/or tanks and/or personnel dependent on it's mission. Although lightly armed, to make more space, and due to it not being an offensive ship by any means, it compensates with substantial range and cargo space.
The new cruiser will be a light cruiser, as the size and capabilities of a heavy cruiser are currently not needed by either Navy. It will feature a major emphasis on increasing VLS cell storage and reduction of crew size through the use of automation to improve endurance. The amphibious assault ship uses a concept that will give it an edge over others of it's kind in the Mediterranean, use of the Flight 0 Concept. The ship is also much larger than a comparable ship of it's size and mission such as the America Class as it is made to carrier an entire expeditionary brigade sized unit (~2,500-3,000 personnel) and also function as a sea control light carrier if required.
The Riptide Electric Boat Company will be given a contract worth half a billion to R&D a CODAG engine similar to the one on the JHF. MHI and Avio will also be given a contract worth a billion to R&D a more efficient Avio LM-GDx2500 that can be natively produced. The 8 Inch/55 Guns and turrets will be R&D'd by OTO Melara, Wasim Munitions. Fincantieri and Flightdeck will be doing the main designing of the vessels themselves, while the technology is handled by other contractors.
We hope Italy finds these as acceptable statistics. Due to us being a comparatively much smaller economy, Libya is only able to pay for 1/5 of the development cost at this time, which is projected to be ~$20 (Bil.)
Mediterranean Class Fleet Auxiliary/Landing Ship Tank
Statistic Value
Length 625 Feet
Width/Beam 88 Feet
Draft 20 Feet
Maximum Height (From Waterline) 45 Feet
Propulsion 2 Avio LM-GDx2500 Modified + x1 Backup 500 kW REBC Electric Engine
Speed 26 Knots
Crew 118 + 900 Extras (Troops/Passengers)
Transport Capability 1,550 Lane Meters, 900 Troops, Armored Vehicles, Oiler
Weapons x4 30 mm Mounted Automatic Chain Guns
Systems I-SR2, I-DF1, Iridescent Chaff Launcher, Towed Sonar
Range 5,095 nm
Unit Cost $135 (Mil.)
Defiant Class Light Guided Missile Cruiser
Statistic Value
Length 695 Feet
Beam 75.75 Feet
Draft 22 Feet
Operational Range 6,200 nmi
Speed 36 Knots (Sustained), 40 Knots (Sprint)
Hull Type Modified Flare Hull Soft Stealth Design. Integrated Bridge/Superstructure
PowePropulsion 2 Avio-MHI LM-GDx2600 Gas Turbines + 3 REBC CODAG Diesel Fueled Engine 9,000shp
Crew Size 200 + 20 (Security Detachment with capacity for up to 50 Extras)
Displacement 19,360 Tons
Radar Signature x1000 times smaller than a ship of its size
Armament x2 Turrets With 2 OTO-Wasim 8 Inch/55" Deck Guns (Forward, Aft), 6 Storm Surge CIWS, x4-64 Cell VLS 1 Cells
Radar & Fire Control I-SR1, I-SR2, I-DF1, X-Band AESA Radar (3000 Elements), Selex E/F surface search, Selex EMPAR 3D multi phased array, Thales/Selex long range 3D D-band, Selex SIR-S, Helo deck SPN 784 NAVR, Sagem Vampir IRAS, Thales UMS 4110CL MF hull sonar, 2 low frequency towed sonar, 1 bow mounted sonar
Electronic Countermeasures Nettuno 4250, x2 Iridescent Chaff Launchers, x2 Iridescent Torpedo Decoys, Advanced ECM Missile Jamming Suite
Aircraft Carried 8 LAMPS Family Helicopters (or similar) with enclosed hanger
Armor 3/4th Inch Naval Steel, Kevlar on critical surfaces
Launchable Craft 2 ICPB
Unit Cost $2.9 (Bil.)
Raider Class Amphibious Assault Ship
Statistic Value
Displacement 47,000 metric tons
Length 950 Ft
Beam 130 Ft
Speed 22 (Sustained), 27 Knots (Battle)
Range 13,250 nm (Sustained Speed)
Propulsion & Installed Power x2 Avio-MHI LM-GDx2600 Gas Turbine (87,000 shp Total), x1 REBC CODAG Diesel Fueled Engine 9,000shp (Backup)
Complement 225 Crew + 3,500 Marines
Sensors I-SR1, I-SR2, I-DF1, X-Band AESA Radar (3000 Elements), Selex E/F surface search, Selex EMPAR 3D multi phased array, Thales/Selex long range 3D D-band, Selex SIR-S, Helo deck SPN 784 NAVR, Sagem Vampir IRAS, Thales UMS 4110CL MF hull sonar, 2 low frequency towed sonar, 1 bow mounted sonar, Nettuno 4250 Counter EW Suite
Armament 4 x Storm Surge CIWS, 3 x 16-cell VLS 1 modules
Armor 3/4 Inch Naval Steel, Kevlar on critical surfaces
Aircraft Carried (Flight 0 Concept) 26 F-35B Fighters OR 32 V-22/LAMPS Sized OR Equivalent
Unit Cost $3.9 billion
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What is up with my Panda Corys?

So I started my first ever tank in earlier this year; I finished stocking it by the end of March. It's a 20 gallon high with 8 Neons, 3 Emerald corys, 3 Panda corys (I now know they should probably be the same species, I made note of that), 3 Otos, and a Zebra nerite snail along with some plants. The 3 Pandas, neons, snail, and otos I got from the same LFS and the 3 Emeralds I got from a reputable private sellefarmer.
For the past week my pandas (at least two of them I now figure) have been acting odd, but I think this goes beyond the usual Cory crazy. They'll be at the bottom and their tail will float up off the substrate a centimeter. It's not full on, tail up but more of a 30 degree angle thing which leads me to think it's swim bladder related. Then they'll sometimes just leave the bottom and float up to the surface with little effort in their swimming motions and then they'll just float at the top, sometimes upside down completely motionless and seemingly unresponsive to stimuli. Within maybe 15 seconds later, the guys will just dive back down to the bottom. Just to be clear, they don't do it at the same time.
I making this post after I buried one of them today because the guy did absolutely nothing, no gill or body movement, eyes completely glazed over. Just moments ago, one of the two remaining pandas starting floating around (around mid-level of the tank) and then an emerald came by and 'sprinted' past him. I don't know if the emerald rammed him or not but the panda "woke up" and started slowly swimming back down. I haven't noticed the other panda acting at all like the other one but I'm uncertain if he will eventually follow suit.
Am I getting trolled by them? I know they can be bizarre but this is far from what I was expecting. If it's a prank, I give up, you got me Pandas! My water params are normal but maybe I missed a random crash somewhere? Normal ones (API kit) are ~7.8 pH, <.25 ammonia, 0 nitrite, ~10 nitrate, 80 deg temperature. I just did a water change today too. Feed includes New Life Spectrum in the morning (mostly for the neons), and thawed bloodworms at night.
Sorry for the lengthy post, I'm just trying to describe it in best detail. If you can provide any help, I'd appreciate it. I don't have a hospital tank and the one cory was my first death in 4 months so it's kind of heartbreaking.
Edit: Just to add, I looked at the poor guy's corpse before laying him to rest and I didn't really see anything of concern but I didn't really know what to look for.
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Strike the Dreadnaught Update - 8/26/2015

Please view entire MegaWiki here
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New Subclasses

Moved Subclasses under #Guardian, rearranged new Subclasses into tables, updated the skill trees, added Video Reference
  • All Subclasses (including the old ones) will have a "really cool introduction and adventure to learn about each individual subclass" [t1] [GI]
  • Sunbreaker Titan Video
  • Nightstalker Hunter Video
  • Stormcaller Warlock Video
  • New Subclasses will start with some skills unlocked [v1]
  • New Subclasses will be acquired through a brief dedicated narrative missions. [GI]
    • Available through your Vanguard Mentor.
    • After Subclass acquisition, you will have a large number of enemies with a 45 second Super recharge time to accustom you to your new Super.


Grenade Jump Super Melee Passive Modifications 1 Passive Modifications 2
Pulse Grenade Glide Stormtrance Thunderstrike Pulsewave Electrostatic Mind
Identical to the Striker Titan's Pulse Grenade Identical to the Warlock Sunsinger Glide Jump Chain Arc Lightning from your hands Deliver an electrocuting melee strike at extended range. When critically wounded, trigger a Pulsewave that boosts speed for you and your allies Stormtrance charges faster when allies are near. When Stormtrance is active, nearby enemies take damage
Storm Grenade Focused Control Landfall Chain Lightning Feedback Arc Web
A grenade that calls down a focused lightning storm Identical to the Warlock Sunsinger Focused Control Jump On casting Stormtrance, fire a bolt of lightning into the ground, creating a devastating shockwave under you Your Thunderstrike chains to another nearby enemy Incoming melee attacks fully recharge and intensify your Thunderstrike Enemies damaged by your grenades chain deadly lightning to nearby enemies
Arcbolt Grenade Focused Burst Superconductor Amplitude Transcendence Perpetual Charge
Identical to the Bladedancer Hunter Arcbolt Grenade Identical to the Warlock Sunsinger Focused Burst Jump Doubles your Stormtrance chaining capabilities Your Thunderstrike has greater range When cast with full grenade and melee energy, Stormtrance restores your health to full and drains slower Grenade kills recharge your melee. Melee kills recharge your grenade
Balanced Glide Ionic Blink Rising Storm
Identical to the Warlock Sunsinger Balanced Glide Jump Press Sprint to teleport during Stormtrance Hits with Thunderstrike charge your Stormtrance, Ability, and Melee energy


Grenade Jump Super Melee Passive Modifications 1 Passive Modifications 2
Spike Grenade Double Jump Shadowshot Smoke Courage of the Pack Keen Scout
Identical to the Defender Titan Spike Grenade Identical to the Hunter Gunslinger Double Jump Tether foes to a Void Anchor, slowing, weakening and suppressing them for you and your allies Throw Smoke to slow and disorient those within its cloud Killing tethered targets increases Recovery and Armor for you and nearby allies. Stacks up to 5 times Sprint and Sneak faster, gain Enhanced Tracker and the ability to Mark targets you damage
Voidwall Grenade Higher Jump Blood Bound Envenomed Light of the Pack Predator
A grenade that creates a horizontal wall of burning Void Light Identical to the Hunter Gunslinger Higher Jump Tethered enemies explode when killed. Damage to tethered enemies is shared to all Adds a toxin that suffocates enemies within Smoke Killing tethered targets creates Orbs of Light for your allies The Void Anchors fired from Shadowshot become traps that stick to surfaces and wait for prey
Vortex Grenade Better Control Black Hole Vanish in Smoke Lockdown Shadestep
Identical to the Voidwalker Warlock Vortex Grenade Identical to the Hunter Gunslinger Better Control The Void Anchor has increased range, lasts significantly longer and can tether more targets You and allies near Smoke explosions vanish from sight Grenade and Smoke effects last twice as long, allowing strong territory control Gain an evade on "O,O" (double tap crouch).
Triple Jump Quiver Snare
Identical to the Hunter Gunslinger Triple Jump Fire Shadowshot up to three times. Void anchors have reduced range Allows Smoke to stick to surfaces, detonating when enemies are near


Grenade Jump Super Melee Passive Modifications 1 Passive Modifications 2
Fusion Grenade Lift Hammer of Sol Sunstrike Flameseeker Simmering Flame
Identical to the Warlock Sunsinger Fusion Grenade Identical to the Titan Defender Lift Jump Summon a flaming hammer and wreak destruction upon your enemies Burn your enemies with a heavy Solar Melee Strike Your Hammer of Sol will alter its flight path to seek out your enemies When Super energy is full, grenade and melee abilities recharge twice as fast
Trigger allows you to throw the hammer
Thermite Grenade Increased Height Forgemaster Melting Point Explosive Pyre Cauterize
A grenade that sends forward a burning line of fire Identical to the Titan Defender Increased Height Jump Throw more hammers, and hammers cause bigger explosions Burn away your target's defenses. While burning, targets are weakened to both you and your allies Enemies felled by your hammer explode, chaining fiery Solar damage to others Enemies brought down by your fire regenerate your health
Incendiary Grenade Increased Control Suncharge Thermal Vent Fleetfire Fire Keeper
Identical to the Hunter Gunslinger Incendiary Grenade Identical to the Titan Defender Increased Control Jump Press Melee during Hammer of Sol to hurl yourself forward. enemies in your path explode, chaining fiery damage to other enemies Sunstrike releases a solar explosion on hit. Kills create a Sunspot that damages enemies inside Enemies felled by your fire grant you bonus agility and reload speed. Stacks up to 3 times While standing in a Sunspot you gain an Overshield and Hammer of Sol lasts longer
Catapult Scorched Earth Stoke the Forge
Identical to the Titan Defender Catapult Jump Ignite the world, creating Sunspots everywhere your Hammer of Sol impacts Reduces Sunstrike cooldown. Getting a killing blow with Sunstrike instantly recharges it

4 New Strikes

  • Dreadnaught, Saturn's Rings - Shield Brothers [v1]
    • The Cabal are trying to blow up the Dreadnaught with you on it.
    • Fight a Goliath Tank in a relatively small room
    • Fight two Cabal bosses (Bond Brothers) at once
      • Valus Mau'ual One has a Solar melee shield attack where he launches at you, slams into the ground and does AoE damage
      • After Valus Mau'ual loses half of his health, he retreats and is replaced by Valus Tlu'urn
      • Valus Tlu'urn has a Arc mortar cannon strapped to his back. Blue circles show up on the ground where the mortars will land
      • Once Valus Tlu'urn loses half his health, he retreats
      • After an add clear, both Valus Mau'ual and Valus Tlu'urn return.
      • After their return, Valus Mau'ual now leaves a ring of fire where he does his shield attack. Valus Tlu'urn has an Arc shield that he fires his mortar through
      • Once you kill one of the Bond Brothers, the other picks up the other Bond Brother's weapon (Valus Tlu'urn's Mortar and Valus Mau'ual's Wings)
Added Shield Brother's information and Video Reference
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Completion Post (Definitely not quitting): 19/M/6'2"/167(+10) lbs (March 31, 2011-June 23, 2011)

Original Post
Beginning Stats: 19/M/6'2/167lbs. Est. 17% body fat Squat 155lbs Deadlift 205lbs OHP: 95lbs Rows: N/A Bench: 135lbs
Final Stats 19/M/6'2/177lbs. Est 17% body fat (Luckily age, gender, and height remained the same) Squat 195lbs Deadlift 335lbs OHP: 115lbs Rows: NEVER DID EM! Bench: 175lbs
What did I do? -2x WeeklyHeavy Lifting w/ Squat, Deadlift, OHP and Bench Press supplemented with SPRINTS at the end of every workout -Jiu Jitsu 4-6 days a week -Tried to remember to stretch regularily -Daily Burpees (Missed many sessions, but I'm at 76 a day)
Summary My original goal was to move up to 185lbs while maintaining or reducing body fat percentage. I did not succeed with this goal. However, I did succeed in reaching a Squat of 195lbs, while fixing my old ugly ass form. I raised my Deadlift to 335lbs, which is something I couldn't even contemplate in my head before. My recovery time definitely increased. I was able to get my body into lifting twice a week (Not quite 3x), which was awesome considering I could barely do 1 day a week without hobbling around for 6 days.
My Jiu Jitsu has improved a lot in the past 3 months. A few days ago I received another tip (stripe), and call it psychological but I feel like I actually flow now, and it's not all just technique, I can feel my newly found pseudo-fitness helping me along. Anyone who has ever had to spiderwalk back and forth in a gym knows what I mean.
Here's what I really want to say, though. I didn't make huge gains. I made progress that is huge to ME. I'm certainly not a poster-boy of this contest, but you can be sure if and when there's another one I'll be right back in it looking for 1st place.
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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cancan Oto Bus (2020) Exterior and ... Piaggio Sprint S 2019 Black Roblox Scripting  How To Make a Shift To Sprint Script ... XT1766 Moto E4 Sprint Unlocking Done Gcpro Key [Forge 1.8.9] SimpleSprint - Sprinting Mod for ... - YouTube

Checkout Vespa Sprint 2020 Price, specifications, features, colors, mileage, Images, expert review, Videos and user reviews by bike owners. Latest Sprint 2020 available in 2 variant(s). Checkout October promo & loan simulation in your city and compare the Sprint 2020 with S, Primavera and other Rivals only at OTO. Sprint Drive 2GB/Mo Plan: Sprint 4G LTE data only. No roaming. After 60 minutes of idle time, hotspot may automatically turn off. MHS reduced to 2G speeds after data allowance. Sprint Drive Unlimited Plan: Sprint 4G LTE data only. No roaming. SD video streams up to 480p, music up to 500 kbps, gaming up to 2 Mbps. Moto-Sprint . Ul. Prusa 41 - 83-200 Starogard Gdański, starogardzki, Pomorskie (Polska) 503 Wyświetl numer. Pokaż mapę . Ten sprzedawca nie ma aktualnie pojazdów w ofercie ... Vespa GTS 150 vs Vespa Sprint - Which bike should you buy? At compare GTS 150 vs Sprint on 100 parameters to find out which bike suits you. Make an informed choice after head-on comparison including price, user reviews, detailed specs, features, color(s), performance, reviews and safety features. ROM Mobile Moto E6 Play XT2005-4 SPRINT - ROM Android 9.0. ONLY MT6739. ROM Official Moto E6 Play XT2005-4 SPRINT version: PCB29.73-109 – SURFNA_SPRINT. Gapps include – No Rooted. Language support : Multilang . Install ROM: RSD Lite 1. Start up RSD Lite 2. Connect the phone to the PC via the USB flash cable, use a fully charged battery to ...

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cancan Oto Bus (2020) Exterior and ...

On this channel guys I will do loads of entertaining stuff on this channel so stay tuned and add me on snapchat @insane gaming 12 and on my instagram @insane... ^^^^^ IP: Published Forge Mods: Resource packs: ... Some folks who I helped with this prior said it worked pretty well. Others still some of the same old. Its more or less a pretty helpful way to save 40+ buck... How to unlock Moto E4 XT1767 XT1766 XT1765 XT1789 Z2 force,VERIZON-SPRINT-BOOST-METROPCS - Duration: 7:02. GSM Tech Zambia 54,428 views. 7:02. Selamat datang di, kami membantu memilih sepeda motor yang tepat untuk Anda. Sekarang kami membahas Vespa Primavera dan Vespa Sprint 2019. Baca ulasan lengkapnya di sini: ...